Who is Jeremy, really?

Hi.  My name is Jeremy Huffman Proctor.  I currently reside in Fort Collins and teach composition and literature in the English Department at Colorado State University.

Born in Colorado Springs and raised in Denver, I attended Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison, CO, but graduated magna cum laude from CSU in 2002. I then attended CSU for my MA, graduating in 2006. My academic interests include modernist novels, literary theory (especially the poststructuralists), reality television, and political rhetoric. I am a regular presenter and occasional chair of a panel at the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference.  I am planning on entering a PhD program in American Studies in the next year or two somewhere in the West.

My unprofessional hobbies include reading (anything I can get my eyes on), political blogging, and enjoying the recreation provided by the sublime Colorado mountains.  I am married and have two sons who amaze me everyday with their growing arsenal of talents.

I intend to use this site to communicate with students and as a blog for my personal interests.  Although I participated in other sites as a political blogger, this context is more suitable for a wider-range of topics than just politics.  This site will provide more engagement with random thoughts of the day, various videos, and other bricolage artifacts that I come across.

And it will give current students insight into my thoughts and give prospective students a warning of what they are getting themselves into.  I will post information on my classes here for students to access and share plans on how I may modify my current courses for future semesters.  Lastly, I am looking at alternatives to social sites like Facebook and Myspace for sharing information.  I will use this site as my testing ground to analyze and evaluate its opportunities and limits (I’ve already discoverd a few HTML coding limits on this site) as I experiment with it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to comment below on any advice or suggestions you have to improve or change the site or questions I can answer, but be sure to keep your comments clean and constructive.  After all, I know which university you attend and your contact information!


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